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Summer 2024 at the Sheraton Bucharest
The Perfect Summer Getaway with Shainfeld's Renowned Hospitality.
5-Star Sheraton Hotel in a Prime Location.
Kosher Culinary Experience With Award-winning Chefs.


Summer 2024 - The Perfect Summer Getaway with Shainfeld's Renowned Hospitality.

Join us this summer for an exciting trip to a new, luxurious destination. Enjoy top-notch pampering, a warm Jewish atmosphere, and amazing travel experiences.

Exclusive Summer Package:

  • Weekly departures in August-September (after Tisha B’Av)
  • Discover Bucharest the “Paris of the Balkans” – A top destination for scenic nature tours, shopping, and attractions
  • Stay at the 5-Star Sheraton Bucharest in the city center, close to all major sites
  • Kosher Culinary Excellence – Rich, kosher meals crafted by Shainfeld’s award-winning chefs
  • Breakfast and dinner daily, full board on Shabbat
  • Tea Room with complimentary drinks, cakes, and fruit
  • Glatt kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Jacob Gluskin Shalita of Bnei Brak
  • On-site magnificent synagogue
  • Performances by top stars and surprise guests
  • Europe’s best attractions and amusement parks for families and young adults
  • Explore Romania’s Beauty – Stunning landscapes, nature reserves, salt mines, authentic villages, and Jewish heritage sites
  • Personalized Service – Company managers accompany you throughout your stay, ensuring a seamless vacation


Make this summer unforgettable with our perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and Jewish tradition.

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Summer 2024 at Sheraton Bucharest


Sheraton Bucharest - A Royal Experience by the Global Sheraton Chain

Prepare for an unparalleled royal experience with the high standards of the Sheraton global chain, offering perfect ambiance and dream-like hospitality.

Prime Location
Located in the heart of Bucharest, just a short walk from the Parliament Palace, Victoria Square, and the Old Town. Only 10 minutes from the shopping avenue Calea Victoriei.

Luxurious Amenities
Panoramic Pool: Enjoy a refreshing swim in our 25-meter indoor heated pool with water slides and features on the 16th floor, offering stunning city views.
Spacious Rooms and Suites: Choose from 270 well-equipped rooms and suites, some with breathtaking views of the city, all designed for uncompromising comfort.

Additional Features
On-Site Synagogue: Includes a Torah scroll for spiritual needs.
Elegant Dining: Spacious, beautifully designed dining rooms for a delightful culinary experience.
Conference and Performance Room: Ideal for events and performances.
Well-Equipped Gym: Stay fit during your stay.
Free Internet: Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi. 


Pool, Spa, Gym, and Synagogue

Enjoy a wide range of attractions that will make your vacation in Bucharest unforgettable.

Panoramic Pool
Dive into our 25-meter indoor heated pool with water slides. Swim while taking in spectacular views of the city.

Magnificent Synagogue
Our hotel is proud to offer a beautiful synagogue for our Jewish guests, providing a serene space for prayer and reflection.

Pampering Spa
Indulge in the luxurious spa, where professional and experienced therapists offer beauty, health, and massage treatments. Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Well-Equipped Gym
Stay active in our modern gym, featuring a wide range of fitness facilities including treadmills, weights, and other state-of-the-art equipment. 


Shainfeld - Where Culinary Dreams Come True

Indulge in a spectacular culinary world designed for fine gastronomy lovers. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every meal at Shainfeld.

We pride ourselves on three pillars: kosher, quality, and quantity. Only the highest quality, freshest ingredients are used to ensure exceptional taste.

Award-Winning Chefs – Our team of internationally acclaimed chefs, recipients of numerous awards, crafts a creative and exciting menu featuring gourmet dishes from around the globe.

Luxurious Dining Experience – Dine in our spacious and elegant dining rooms, offering lavish buffets brimming with delicious options.

Breakfast and Dinner: Enjoy a rich and varied culinary experience.
Full Board on Shabbat: Delight in a diverse array of gourmet dishes throughout the day.


A Vast Team of Internationally Acclaimed Chefs

Our extensive team features top-class chefs and pastry artisans, renowned worldwide and specially flown in from Israel.

Culinary Excellence – Collaborating with their skilled assistants, they meticulously craft an exhilarating menu full of diverse flavors, vibrant colors, and enticing aromas, ensuring each dish delights the senses.

Experience the mastery of our chefs as they create a culinary journey filled with unparalleled taste and enjoyment. 



Your Oasis of Relaxation, Open All Day – Free

Have you experienced the charm of Shainfeld’s renowned Irish Lounge (Tea Room)?

Join us for complimentary hot and cold beverages, fresh fruits, irresistible pastries, a selection of fine liqueurs, and delightful surprises for children. Indulge in a moment of relaxation and enjoyment at our inviting lounge. 


Magnificent Shabbat Kiddush

Experience the grandeur of Shainfeld’s special Shabbat Kiddush, where you dine like royalty with an array of delicacies including special cheesecakes, smoked fish, and more. 


Experience the Best of Entertainment and Culture

Shainfeld presents the hottest international singers and artists live!

Join us this summer at Sheraton Bucharest for unforgettable music concerts, entertaining shows, captivating lectures, and cultural evenings. Each night brings a new and exciting concept!

Special Sessions for Children: Enjoy tailored activities with a dedicated babysitting service.

*Artists are subject to change on selected dates without prior notice. 

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Summer 2024 at Sheraton Bucharest


Discover the "Paris of the Balkans"

Bucharest beckons with a wealth of attractions catering to all ages and interests. Whether you’re captivated by architecture, hiking, cultural heritage, or cuisine, Bucharest ensures an unforgettable experience!

Convenient Access to Top Attractions – Many fascinating sites are within easy reach of the hotel, allowing you to explore comfortably: Palace of the Parliament, Old City and Triumphal Arch, Victory Avenue, Lipscani District, Union Square, Cismigiu Park, Jewish heritage sites, Lively shopping centers and markets

Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm of Bucharest, where every corner tells a story and adventure awaits just steps away from your hotel. 


Unmissable City Sights!

Lipscani District
Stroll through the enchanting alleys, cafes, and galleries of Lipscani District, Bucharest’s ancient heart. Discover art shops, workshops, and cozy cafes that bring history to life. Don’t forget to explore Cobblers Street for authentic souvenirs.

Fascinating Museums
Village Museum: Step into Romania’s countryside with 50 traditional houses, workshops, and windmills under the open sky. Meet artisans showcasing authentic crafts.
Art Museum: View masterpieces by Bruegel, Renoir, and Pechoria alongside remarkable Romanian art.

Unirii Square
Experience one of Bucharest’s largest squares, transformed from a bustling market into a vibrant hub for cultural events, dining, and entertainment. Enjoy beautiful parks, impressive fountains, and a variety of shops and restaurants.

Cismigiu Park
Escape to an oasis in Bucharest’s heart. Wander through 30,000 trees, admire statues of Romanian luminaries, and relax by the tranquil lake. Rent a boat, play chess, or savor the serene atmosphere in the spectacular rose garden.

The Athenaeum
A Bucharest landmark and cultural icon, the Athenaeum is an architectural masterpiece and home to the Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra. Discover Romania’s history through its magnificent interiors and cultural significance.


Discover the Rich Heritage of Bucharest's Jewish Community

Explore the vibrant legacy of Bucharest’s Jews, one of Europe’s oldest and most significant communities. Dating back to the 16th century, Bucharest’s Jewish community has navigated periods of prosperity and tragedy, including the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of approximately 400,000 Romanian Jews. Today, with around 3,000 members, the community thrives, with renovated synagogues, active educational institutions, and a rich cultural life.

Cultural Gems to Explore


Great Synagogue “Coral”: A historic and cultural landmark, serving as the heart of the city’s Jewish community. Experience its spiritual significance and vibrant atmosphere.

Museum of Jewish History: Housed in a 19th-century synagogue, this museum showcases artifacts, artworks, and historical items that chronicle Romanian Jewry’s journey through history. Discover their cultural contributions and rituals.

“Philanthropy” Israelite Cemetery: While no longer active, this cemetery offers insight into the lives of Bucharest’s prominent Jewish figures across generations. Explore its historical significance and poignant stories.

Jewish Quarter: A picturesque enclave in the city center, featuring authentic shops, cafes, synagogues, museums, and the State Jewish Theater. Immerse yourself in its unique ambiance and delve into the community’s rich past. 



The Classic Tour: Sinaia - Bran - Brasov

Embark on a captivating journey through Romania’s magnificent landscapes, authentic villages, and picturesque towns.

Bran Castle – Begin with a visit to Bran Castle, famously known as “Dracula’s Castle”. Explore its intriguing history and Gothic architecture.

Muacho Village – Enjoy a traditional horse-drawn cart ride in Muacho Village, followed by a delightful lunch featuring local flavors.

Rocker-Bran Mountain Pass – Experience a breathtaking drive through the scenic Rocker-Bran mountain pass, immersing yourself in wild, natural beauty.

Doptana Valley – Journey through the Doptana Valley, where you’ll encounter an impressive dam and experience the charm of authentic villages.

Sinaia – Visit the picturesque resort town of Sinaia nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. Discover Peles Castle, surrounded by lush gardens, and explore the ancient monastery with stones from Mount Sinai. Ride a cable car for stunning mountain views.

Transfagarasan Road – Travel along the legendary Transfagarasan Road, renowned for its panoramic vistas of the Carpathian Mountains.

Balea Lake – Stop at Balea Lake to stroll along its shores and take in the panoramic Alpine scenery.

Brasov – Conclude your journey in Brasov, a city steeped in history and charm, completing this unforgettable trip through Romania. 


The Salt Mines and The gravestone of Rabbi Eliezer Papo

Slanic Salt Mine
Explore one of Europe’s largest salt mines, offering a spectacular underground adventure. Descend 200 meters into the depths of the earth aboard a special shuttle. Marvel at a vast hall illuminated with unique lighting, revealing salt sculptures, underground lakes, and impressive structures.
Health Benefits – Experience the therapeutic benefits of the salt mine’s dry, mineral-rich air, known to alleviate respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies.

Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Pele Yoetz Grave
Embark on a special journey to the borderlands of Romania to visit the grave of Rabbi Eliezer Papo, renowned author of “Pele Yoetz”. Dive into the mikvah for a traditional immersion said to bring spiritual healing. Cruise along the Danube River, including a scenic ferry ride. 


Family Attractions and Shopping Experiences

Therme Bucharest
Enjoy a perfect day for the whole family at Therme Baths, featuring hot pools, jacuzzis, massages, saunas, and a thrilling water slide park with 16 slides, a wave pool, and dedicated children’s areas.

Water Parks
Visit Divertiland and Otopeni Water Parks for a refreshing family adventure with a variety of slides, wave pools, an Olympic pool, and delicious dining options.

Edenland Park
Explore the vast EdenLand Park near Bucharest, offering something for everyone: challenging ropes courses, archery, horseback riding, yoga and bicycle tours in nature, animal farms, climbing walls, creative workshops, and covered playgrounds for children.

Museum of Senses and Illusions
Immerse yourself in an interactive experience at the Museum of Senses and Illusions, featuring over 40 activities with spectacular rooms and mind-bending visual effects. Capture amazing photos guaranteed to impress.

VMAX Karting
Feel the thrill at VMAX Karting, one of Europe’s largest professional karting complexes. Perfect for adrenaline seekers of all ages!

Laser Tag
Engage in an exciting laser tag battle with the whole family. Divide into teams, maneuver through obstacles, and outwit your opponents in an action-packed game suitable for all ages.

Virtual Reality
Step into a new world with virtual reality experiences. Explore amazing landscapes, play captivating games, and solve puzzles in virtual escape rooms using state-of-the-art VR technology.

Discover Bucharest’s top shopping destinations including ParkLake (home to Primark!), Afi Mall, Mega Mall and more. Enjoy affordable shopping with a wide range of brands and competitive prices.  

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Summer 2024 at Sheraton Bucharest

Summer 2024 Sheraton Bucharest

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