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A trip that will give you a deep and fascinating acquaintance with Israel.
Learn all about Israel’s historical, geographical and cultural aspects.
Taste the local multiculturalism and get to know the warm human side of Israeli people.

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The city that was built by the Arabs in ancient times – founded in 716 by Sultan Suleiman of Umayyad. A fascinating tour of the city includes:
The White Mosque, the Old City, the Hamam, the Great Mosque – El Omri – rare in its beauty and originally, established in the mid-12th century.
The market – one of the most beautiful markets in Israel, where you will drink lemonade, taste Turkish burekas, smell Indian spice stall, and more.
The Arches Pool – built as a water reservoir in 789 AD during the Abbasid period.

Ethnic harmony in an Israeli city, where Jews, Muslims and Christians live side by side peacefully. Lod’s main attractions are: The Church of St George, the Jisr Jindas, a fine example of a Mamluk bridge dating back to the 13th century.
During the visit you will have a meeting with authentic representatives of the Arab population, from whom you will hear fascinating stories about the local culture and heritage.


Jaffa is considered a pearl of beauty. Many civilizations conquered Jaffa throughout its long history, the Canaanites, Egyptians, Persians, Philistines, Phoenicians, Greeks, Hasmoneans, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and the British.
Jaffa is famous for its art and architecture, we will visit the central clock tower, the flea market and one of the oldest ports in the world, where strolling through its narrow streets is like stepping back in time, The Mahmudia Mosque – Jaffa’s most important mosque is also Israel’s 3rd largest one, and The Old Seraya which used to be the Ottoman governor’s residence.

Also called “The White City that never sleeps!” buzzing with action day and night, with a colorful population from start-up entrepreneurs to hipsters, young families to seniors, secular Jews to ultra-Orthodox.
Tel Aviv has so many incredible things to do: cultural centers, cafes and bars, popular fashion and entertainment sites, gorgeous beaches, chef restaurants, mesmerizing museums, great shopping, breathtaking landscapes and so much more.


Jerusalem: The Holy City
Al Quds – the Holy City Jerusalem, rich in history, religion, and culture, discover what makes Jerusalem the spiritual center for Jews, Muslims, and Christians.
Learn about Jerusalem’s 5,000-year-old history, and visit the interesting cultural and religious sites:
The sacred place of The Burak – named “Burak” for the winged horse that the prophet rode from Mecca to Al Aqsa Mosque. The horse was tied to the Wall when Muhammad ascended to heaven.
We will walk and pray in East Jerusalem called the Old City, and be impressed by Muslim architecture that has evolved over 1000 years.
We will also visit the modern western side of the city including the Holocaust Museum in memory of 6 million Jews, the Knesset of Israel and the Supreme Court.
more sites include the holy Al Aqsa Mosque & The Dome of the Rock, the Wailing (Western) Wall in the Jewish Quarter, Tomb of King David, the Church of Resurrection where the Prophet Issa was crucified and buried, and the Omar Mosque built in front of its entrance, Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Hall of the Last Supper, and meeting with representatives of the various religions (optional).

Northern Israel
Explore the highlights of Northern Israel, a region rich with historic importance and natural beauty. Among the many sites are Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Tiberias, Caesarea, Haifa, Akko, and the Golan Heights.
Some highlights include:
Ancient Caesarea with its Roman amphitheater, port, hippodrome, and aqueduct.
Ancient Akko, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world dating back to 1,500 BCE.
City of Nazareth – the hometown of Jesus. Tour the Church of the Annunciation and Old City.
Karne Hitim (Nabi Shueb) – The place where the Muslims fought under the leadership of Salah a-Din and defeated the Crusaders and put an end to their rule in the Holy Land.
Boat cruise in the Sea of Galilee, followed by visit to Ein Gev.
The Gamla Nature Reserve, located high in the Golan Heights of Northern Israel.
Mekorot national water pipeline & Eshkol Reservoir.

Southern Israel
A cultural trip in which you can learn about the lifestyles of the Bedouin and see ancient remains from the time of our forefathers.
Visit Beersheba – Where Abraham walked the desert dunes nearly 4,000 years ago, a city located on an ancient route that is mentioned in the Bible as the route that connected the Fertile Crescent, from Egypt to the south and to Mesopotamia. See Beersheba’s Old City, the covered market, the historic Turkish railway station, the Great Mosque from the Ottoman period and more.
Next you will go on a magical expedition through the Judean Desert, including a jeep ride.
The Dead Sea and The Ein Feshkha nature reserve.
Go on top of Masada – A wondrous mountain fortres swhere the Maccabees drove the Greeks out of Israel.


You will stay at some of Israel’s most elegant hotels, each offering luxurious rooms and Royal suites, a lobby with a huge seating space, tastefully decorated dining rooms, and wireless internet. Near the hotel you will find a golf course and shopping and dining center.
Our hotels include:
Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel
Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel
Dan Caesarea Hotel
Dan Carmel Haifa Hotel

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